Air Profile Exam or Fan Performance Testing

Air Profile Exam or Fan Performance Testing


Many large mass flow processes, such as utility air preheaters (APHs) can change over time or were not balanced properly during the commissioning process. Many years ago, it was a common practice to oversize much of the horsepower (HP) requirements “just in case”. Today, with the more sophisticated means of controlling processes such as VFD’s, PLC’s, etc., those outdated rules are no longer required. An older facility can easily be using a considerable amount of excess energy in driving oversized equipment. It is also possible, the equipment was oversized to make up for a deficiency in the system elsewhere. Air profile or fan performance exams can determine the make-up and how your process or exhaust gas is behaving, including its makeup.


An air profile exam can be critical in determining flow stratifications, excessive pressure drop or restrictions and improper thermal distribution which can cause poor performance with an air preheater, boiler and fan performances. With an improved flow distribution, gasses are burned more efficiently, reducing erosion, lowering fan HP loads and excess air requirements.


AMSEnergy can provide services to conduct an air profile exam which will consist the measuring or the calculation of:

• Volumetric and mass flow rates
• Air/gas densities based on the oxygen, carbon dioxide, moisture content, static pressure, barometric pressure and absolute pressures of the exhaust gases.
• Approaching and exit temperatures being exhausted
• Fan inlet static pressures before and after the inlet/outlet dampers
• Fan outlet pressure
• Fan HP consumption based on the measured motor kilowatts.
• Horsepower per inch of system pressure loss
• Fan efficiency and yearly cost to operate each fan


The flow rate and fan performance testing will be conducted as field conditions permit using “AMCA 203.9” test standards.

Tests can be conducted as static measurements or with data logging procedures depending upon facility requirements.

Many times, Air Performance Exams will be a requirement for a rebuild or replacement of Air Preheaters to satisfy performance requirements.


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