AMSEnergy – About Us

My story:

AMSEnergy started in the fall of 2006, after I, its owner, Michael Sams, had spent thirty-one (31) years in the industrial manufacturing field where building automobiles was thought to be the only job anyone ever did for their career.  After a short stint in a production capacity, I decided that was not for me.  An apprenticeship and college was the ticket to my curiosity of learning how things are made, operated, repaired and maintained.  Volunteering for every new process, new technologies continued to satisfy those curiosities.  After a number of years, it became time to learn the business of how industrial equipment is sourced, planned, installed, commissioned and finally put to its useful life and all that entailed.

Opportunity struck again when a call out of the blue led me to a new career in energy assessments and demand side energy savings for various industrial companies.  Jackpot! Processes galore and more learning!  That then led to an interest in waste heat recovery.  After much research, a new technology (Well, not new.  But very unknown and underutilized given its potential) called thermosyphon based Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers kindled my curiosity again and here we are enjoying our new found passion.

AMSEnergy Technology:

Our core technology at AMSEnergy is our thermosyphon based Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers.  The technology has been available for a number of years.  However, because they were manually produced “on the bench” and even though they were considered to be a very efficient and effective heat transfer device, they were considered to be expensive.  Now, due to significant advancements in manufacturing technology and patented processes, Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers, with the advantages they bring to the market, are now very competitively cost efficient as well.

Briefly, a Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger is made up of a cluster or number heat pipes and as a heat transfer device, it transports a large quantity of heat with a very small temperature differential between the primary (waste, source or evaporation) and the secondary (recovery, sink or condensing) sides of the heat exchanger.  Heat pipes utilize evaporative cooling to transfer thermal energy from one end of the evacuated and hermetically sealed pipe to another by a two phase operation of a working fluid.  This process offers a great number of advantages and benefits.  Among the many include

  • Higher thermal energy recovery rates means greater heat transfer
  • Significantly lower pressure drops than other heat exchanger technologies…lower parasitic loads
  • High particulate exhaust tolerance…much less maintenance activities
  • High temperature applications (≤2500°C / 4500°F)
  • No moving parts for virtually maintenance free operation…passive operation
  • Typically involve a smaller “footprint” and are scalable in design for ease of location, installation and maintenance
  • Isothermal in operation assuring no “cold spots”

Through our continuous research efforts, we continue to bring to market more possibilities in the various industries in order to allow for greater heat recovery opportunities.

AMSEnergy is very passionate about what we do and have a goal of providing the best technology and heat transfer machines available.  We do that through our very committed and determined staff.

Our professional staff can be contacted via phone or email and as we are passionate about what we do, will strive to provide you with all the assistance required to satisfy your request.

As our goal is to bring value to your business, we look forward to reviewing your particular heat transfer application.