Continuing Education Course, “Introduction to Thermal Power Plants”

AMSEnergy is spreading the word of a course being offered at Williamson College of the Trades in July by Mr. Dick Storm, a very well known and respected Founder and Senior Consultant of Storm Technologies, Inc.

This is a great short course for anyone who has a desire or needs to know more about power generation from Thermal Power Plants.

The course is entitled: “Introductory Course on Thermal Power Plants”

Included is about 50% classroom time to discuss Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plants, Oil Fueled Steam Plants and Clean Coal Fueled Power Plants.

Five plant tours are included which will show the course participants up close, how the plants are arranged, operated and maintained.

The five tours are:

  • The Marcus Hook Energy Center with an 800 MW Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Plant
  • The 600 MW Liberty Gas Turbine, Combined Cycle Plant
  • The 200 MW Logan Coal Plant which is also CHP supplying team to an industrial process plant next door
  • The Williamson Energy Island which uses conventional steam turbines with CHP and a natural gas engine/generator
  • The Historic Eddystone Station which once had the most efficient Ultra-Supercritical Coal Plants and now has two 400 MW oil and gas fueled Steam peaking Units

This is a three day course taking place July 11-13, 2017 about 10 miles from the Philadelphia Int’l Airport. (The Williamson Campus). The uniqueness of the course is it will provide about 50% classroom time and 50% field trips to tour five nearby power stations. Coal, oil and gas fueled (including Gas Turbine CC). Plus, the Williamson Energy Island.

If you know anyone whom might be interested, there are still a few seats available. The class is being held to 35 maximum participants.  To review and register:

Happy Learning!!