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AMSEnergy Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers featuring Thermosyphon Heat Pipe Technology addresses the vulnerabilities of conventional heat recovery technologies. Introduced to the world by NASA for space vessels…Now available commercially for industrial use due to modern manufacturing techniques. Heat Pipes have been referred to as thermal “superconductors” as they have the ability to transfer 1000 times more thermal conductivity than a solid copper conductor of equivalent size.If your energy stream is hot and/or dirty, please review how we may be able to provide a solution for your heat transfer applications. Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger energy recovery systems offer both cost and performance benefits over traditionally available heat exchanger technologies. With a temperature range of heat recovery now encompassing -50°C to >2500°C, our Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers have the capacity to fulfill most heat transfer requirements.


Higher levels of energy recovery

Higher levels of energy transfer

Reduced operating costs

Ability to withstand high particulate counts

Low resistance or pressure drops

Greater range of applications

Custom built systems

Improved reliability

Reduced maintenance

Longer life

more benefits…

Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)


What is that hot gas or hot liquid worth to your facility when it is being sent out to the atmosphere never to be seen again? Can that wasted heat be utilized elsewhere in another process where the plant is using energy and spending precious resources to make heat? Can waste heat be used as plant comfort heat? How about to cool or generate power? Waste heat and its potential high energy content can be worth significant savings.

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Waste heat can used to generate steam (HRSG) to drive a steam turbine.  While an Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) system can utilize lower quality energy streams to also generate power.  Industrial waste heat for power is largely an under-utilized type of combined heat and power (CHP) which allows for both power generation and thermal energy for other processes

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waste to energy



Used extensively in large industries such as utility power generation, chemical, paper/pulp and many other industries where large gas-to-gas/air for pre-combustion air is an economic necessity. A Heat Pipe APH can be significantly more effective and cost efficient than a rotary style APH.  For those facilities that currently have a rotary preheater on site, you understand the high maintenance costs in terms of both parts and downtime and also the operational fees a rotary preheater costs your facility annually.  For those facilities contemplating a new or an upgrade utility grade air preheater, we would encourage you to take the opportunity to review the many benefits a Heat Pipe APH has to offer.

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Does your facility have vintage first generation heat pipes produced in the1970’s through the mid-90’s by such names as Q-Dot, Combustion Engineering, Hudson, ABB or Alstom?  Reports and testing has shown that the previous process of being “field” or onsite produced, as many of the older model heat pipes were at the time, led to the introduction of dirt particles. Those particles would then lead to the breakdown of the internal organic working fluids into non-condensable gases (NCG’s). Under that environment, the legacy heat pipes may have deteriorated to a point where they will have substantially less heat duty capacity than their original design.  Our new heat pipes, manufactured within a modern and controlled atmosphere can be designed to fit in place of the legacy heat pipes and give many more years of life to your Heat Pipe Air PreHeater, New ultraclean higher capacity heat pipes could be your answer to your worn legacy heat pipes as opposed to replacing your existing air preheater. AMSEnergy can help to bring your old worn air preheater back to better than new.

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sodium based heat pipes


Just announced….AMSEnergy will soon be offering our new sodium based heat pipes that will allow for greater heat duty capacities through higher temperature capabilities of greater than 2500°C / 4500°F  with gas-to-gas, gas-to-liquid (water, thermal oils, etc.) and gas-to-steam Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers and Heat Pipe Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), including superheated and supercritical steam.  With the addition of sodium (Na) as a working fluid, we have increased our heat pipe temperature capacity significantly.

Na Heat Pipe with High Temp Torch_2

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Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers have always been known as a very efficient and effective heat transfer technology when compared to the traditional or classic styles of heat exchangers. Now, due to the tremendous manufacturing advances being made today, Heat Pipe technology is coming to the forefront as a go to technology for their many benefits and advantages including superior heat transfer, low thermal resistance and their ease of maintainability qualities all leading to lower capex and opex expenditures.
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