CEBN: Fuel for Discussion – Episode 2: Energy Policy Outlook for 2018

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A race to overhaul the tax code, deadlines on federal spending caps, and major regulatory changes at the federal and state levels: These are just some of the gifts coming our way in the closing weeks of 2017 and beginning of the new year. On this episode of the Clean Energy Business Network’s podcast Fuel for Discussion, we give you the basics to keep up with these developments and their potential impacts on clean energy markets.

In Episode 2: Energy Policy Outlook for 2018, we hear from policy experts providing analysis of key policy developments impacting clean energy markets. Play the entire podcast here, or to skip to particular sections, click on these links: tax reformappropriationsstate-level updatesthe Clean Power Plan repeal, and the FERC grid resiliency rule.

This episode highlights several opportunities to engage policymakers on these issues:

Tax Reform: sign onto our group business letter to conference committee members outlining recommended improvements to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Appropriations: Urge Congress to Fund Federal Clean Energy Programs

Repeal of the Clean Power Plan: Submit a Public Comment to the EPA

FERC Grid Resiliency Rule: (Policy engagement opportunity to be updated at future date)

Featured speakers:

Ruth McCormick, Director, Federal and State Affairs, The Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Carolyn Sloan, Manager, Federal Policy, The Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Carrie Jenks, Senior Vice President, M.J. Bradley & Associates

Grace Van Horn, Policy Analyst, M.J. Bradley & Associates

Lynn Abramson, Executive Director, Clean Energy Business Network
Andy Barnes, Program Manager, Clean Energy Business Network

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