The Shipping Industry Also Wants In On The Action..District Heating


A ferry docking in Gothenburg several times a week, Stena Danica will be connected to the district heating system when in the harbour. There are already possibilites available to connect ships at the quay to the electrical grid, but heating equipment on board still needs to be used. When using district heating from the city to heat the ship, no emitting machines on board ships would be needed at quay. Using district heating instead of burning bunker oil to in the ship generators and heaters will reduce the CO2 emissions by 172 tonnes (62 %) per year and ship.

On the ferry, there are two hot water circuits: the “Pre-treatment” system, which is water-based and the “Reheating” system, which is air-based. Both systems are used in the air conditioning system but also as a heat supply during the winter. There is an existing connection at the pier that is used for wastewater etc. In this connection a flexible hose can be added to the district heating network.

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