Cement WHR to ORC Webinar Opportunity

Webinar: Turboden ORC solutions for Cement Plants

How To Recover Efficiently The Waste Heat

The advantages of having installed a heat recovery system in a cement plant is well-known: lower electricity cost in the electric provider bill; increase competitiveness; no additional fuel consumption, CO2 free way to produce electricity, greener image, etc. The challenge is how to do it efficiently

ORC technology is a proven technology installed in cement heat recovery plants. In the future, thanks to ORC advantages compared with the traditional steam Rankine cycle, there is a high potentiality to install new ORC heat recovery plants in cement production process.
ORC is a competitive solution thanks to the ease of operation (ORC systems are completely automatic), the minimum maintenance requirements and the possible configuration without water consumption.

Turboden is the European leader in the heat recovery in the cement industry using ORC technology. In the webinar, Turboden is presenting its experience and the range of solutions for the cement producers.

Use this opportunity to learn how to increase the efficiency of your cement plant.

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